26 de outubro de 2009

Apanhar Azeitona ou um fim de semana no campo

O fim de semana foi de descontração, brincadeira e muito trabalho. Este ano é um ano de muita azeitona logo de muito trabalho. Com esta coisa dos lagares semi industriais a azeitona foi apanhada um pouco mais cedo, mas também porque nesta altura conseguimos não andar à chuva enquanto a apanhamos! Para nós foram só dois dias de trabalho mas a apanha continua por lá. As nossas azeitonas vão para o lagar no dia 30 e depois já temos azeite 100% caseiro, sem corantes nem conservantes e sem refinação. Estive no lagar e o cheiro é divinal. Este ano temos garantidamente um grande ano de azeite!
The weekend was great! Harvesting our olives from the tree! Much work and much fun! This year we have lots of olives and it will be a great year of olive oil! We are harvesting a little bit early than we should because we have to send the olives to the mill to make the olive oil and our olives must be there by the 30th of October! But harvesting now is good because we have better weather than we would have by midlle November. To us were just two days of hard work but the harvest continues!  

Depois de apanhadas uma a uma as azeitonas são limpas numa máquina tradicional à qual foi adaptado um motor electrico. A máquina gera uma corrente de ar que ajuda a separar as folhas da fruta e de um lado ficam as folhas todas e do outro a azeitona já limpa.
After we harvest the olives one by one they go to this old hand machine where we have adapted an electric motor. This machine is like a tumble dryer and makes a air flow that helps separate the leafs from the olives. Olives are put in the top of the machine and get out from one side, the leafs are blowed to the other side.

As azeitonas já sem folhas. Olives without leafs.

Este é o sitio por onde as azeitonas são separadas da folha pela corrente de ar. This is the part were the oilves are separated from the leafs by the air flow.   

Este é o resultado de apenas um dia de trabalho! And this is the result of one day of work!

O almoço recompensador tinha de ser um Cozido à Portuguesa! We had a tradicional portuguese meal for luch that is called Cozido à Portuguesa and consist in many diferent tipes of  boiled meat and vegetables with beans and rice! Great refill!

A mafalda aproveitou para explorar tudo e brincar até cair para o lado! Mafalda had a great time playing!

Ainda pelos nossos terrenos achamos estas belezas outonais! In our field we found this Autum beauties!

5 comentários:

Dena disse...

That is a lot of olives! What is the difference in the colors? Is it the difference in age of the olive? The picture of your lunch reminds me of when I lived in Panama City, Panama. The food was so delicious. My favorites were plantains and meat empanadas. I miss the street peddlers who sold the freshly made empanadas and shaved ice. Yummy!

karenfae disse...

that is so interesting to have olive trees and to get your own olive oil from them. Thank you for the photos showing the process that was neat!

Mariana disse...

Dena: The diference in the color of the olives is the age of each one. The green ones are not mature. For olive oil it doens't matter as they have the same amout of oil and it's better if they are not very mature as they will have to wait a few days until it's our time to let them in the mill. The mill works by appointment so we have to schedule a day. If they are to mature they may start to rot and that will ruin the olive oil. We chose the black ones to prepare to eat as an apetizer.
Portuguese food is even better than the spanish one so if you came to Portugal you will eat until you burst!

Mariana disse...

This days we do it for fun but we still like to do it the old way. That's why i'm sharing this with you! Living in a mediterranean country has this singularities that i think it's importante to share!

Astrid disse...

How great it is to have your own olive trees! Here where I'm living we don't get the "Mediterraneon" olives, which are so tasty. Those here are bigger and SO SOUR! You can't eat them even when they are ripe! :( Thanks for sharing about the olives - interesting!

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